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Hello I'm Hamza Anver, a student at New York University Abu Dhabi majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Engineering.

I'm interested in embedded programming, cats, electronics and other tangential things that take my interest.

In Spring and Summer of 2023 I worked in nyuad.space on the HALOSHIP rocket, our entry to SpacePort America Cup 2023, and to design a hold down and release mechanism for use in small satellites for JPL's University Crowdsourcing Initiative.
As part of the project I developed RoCat, a prototype flight computer that flew on HALOSHIP.

Here's a PDF with some more details about Rocat, and here's the PCB and schematics (hosted on OSHW Lab)

I've also been messing with some web development, recently I made Gridfinity Generator, a basic web-app to create 'Gridfinity' bin STLs from an OpenSCAD template.

Here's my

You can reach me via the contact form on this site, email
[email protected]

I'll add some more stuff to this site (someday)
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